Green product AD293 - NO Organotin Compounds

2018.08.22 BACK
          Sun Yang Global has devoted time and effort in the TPU market and our product has excellent performance. Goldthane TPU material is specially designed for bonding outdoor, footwear, sports, garment and other industry.  We always develop TPU product with eco-friendly and green economy actively, and keep pace with the market developments trends and meet international customer standards.
TPU elastomer material has characteristics of wearable and folding resistance, easy processing, recycled and meet environmental protection requirements. Now, TPU become one of important polymer material in the world.

Goldthane TPU can meet EU REACH SVHC 191, RoHS, NIKE RSL and EN71 standards for section 3.
Due to elevating the living quality, safety of physical contact daily commodities become more important. If the goods include some of compounds, such as azo dyes, lead, formaldehyde, organotin compounds, etc., which may causes great damage to health.  Especially organotin compounds have high potentially toxic and it may disorder of the body's immune and hormonal systems.
Since 2009, many countries have begun to ban or restrict the use of organotin compounds. The tin-free compounds have become the basic requirements of green products.

Goldthane has successfully developed “No Organotic Compounds & Non Yellowing Products” to response the customer’s needs. It have been supplied our customers to produce environmentally friendly products with non-toxic and organic-free and become one of the designated materials for top brand manufacturers.